Kate Sylvester Gets Foxy For Winter

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kate Sylvester released the lookbook for her gorgeous new winter collection 'Shanghai Fox' this week and the best part is some of it's already available instore and online at www.katesylvester.com.  Featuring pretty prints, silks, knits, floral embroidery and Kate's signature beautiful tailoring, it's a stunning range that's based mostly on neutrals, with colour pops of scarlet, royal blue and teal adding a brighter touch.  She's also used a cute fox motif on jackets, dresses and tops which brings a fun feel to the collection.

The first thing I notice in every range I look at is dresses and in this collection you're spoilt for choice, my absolute favourites are the winsome embroidered dresses above, I can't decide which I'm going to add to my collection for winter (ideally both!).  I also adored the ivory skirt suit below with the tan and black stripes - so cute!  The ladylike look is still very much in favour for winter which makes me very happy. 

One of the things I love most about Kate Sylvester's collections is she makes garments that are not only pretty but really wearable, with skirt lengths that are practical (no micro-minis here!) and clothes that move well.  I cannot wait to shop this charming collection soon!


Images from: Kate Sylvester

Just So Pretty x

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