The Elegant Georgia Alice

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's always exciting to meet new designers and see their first collections, their ideas, originality and approach to what they're presenting is fascinating to me.  Young local designer Georgia Currie of new label Georgia Alice launched her debut collection 'Imperial' last week at Auckland's Black Box boutique and I have to say it was a rather confident debut.  Whilst my own aesthetic generally favours lace and florals, I found myself really drawn to the clean lines and refined silhouettes of this range. Using a pared back monochromatic colour palette the focus was on elegant fabrication and soft wearability (the fabrics really were rather lush to the touch), with the garments ranging from tightly tailored to fluid in shape.

I was fortunate enough to share a few words with the gorgeous Georgia, who emphasized that she saw her garments being worn by a range of ages, from teens to grandparents, and everyone in between.  With her modern interpretation of classic styling it's easy to see how you could indeed wear these chic pieces for many years to come.  I'm very eager to see what Georgia Alice does next.

Check out the Georgia Alice Facebook page for more of her collection here.

Images from: Showroom 22

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