Max Hearts Magnum Pink And Black

Monday, March 4, 2013

The perfect mix of beautiful and indulgent, Max Fashions and Magnum hosted a fun fashion/food event combining two of my favourite things, gorgeous fashion and delicious icecream last Wednesday.  Magnum have just launched two new flavours, Magnum Pink (my favourite) which is pearlescent pink and Marc de Champagne flavoured (I know, pink champagne flavoured icecream is my idea of girly heaven!) and Magnum Black which is espresso flavoured and a coffee lovers dream.

Max have also just launched their new ranges for Winter, the above range with pretty burgundy hues and the below range featuring sexy black.  The idea of both the new Magnums and Max's new collection is to appeal to the different sides of a woman's personality, choosing pink for fun and flirty and black for sexy and sophisticated.  The event played with this idea by having the room decorated in the two styles and colours and having a photowall set up with giant props to play with in the two themes which was great fun.

Of course it comes as no surprise that the obvious choice for me is the pink and pretty side, aside from the fact the Magnum Pink is incredibly delicious, the lovely maroon garments (how cute does Penny Pickard look in them too?) are the winner for me.  I really like Max's feminine but really wearable look, the accessories are lovely as well, I do like that little Rose Cloche hat and would definitely wear the burgundy Jessie Coat (above) too.  Which side would you choose?

These are my Instagram photos from the event. I loved playing with the giant props and the photowall and of course eating amazing pink Magnums.

Thanks Max, Magnum and Spark Activate for a great night.

Images from: Max Loves Magnum Pink and Black 


  1. OMIGOD - espresso magnum!!? That sounds divine! It's winter here in the UK but as soon as the weather warms a little I;m getting one ASAP!
    Love your pics.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    1. Thanks Paula. Yes, the new Magnums are amazing! I definitely recommend trying one when the weather is a bit warmer and better for enjoying icecream over there.


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