Kate Sylvester Smoulders At MBFWA 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sensual, feminine and inspired by one of the most iconic muses in the world, Kate Sylvester's 'The Last Sitting' collection presented at MBFWA last week was my highlight of the week.  The invitation depicted Marilyn Monroe from the sublime series of photos taken of her by Bert Stern just six weeks before her death, which had me intrigued as Marilyn didn't strike me as a likely muse for Kate Sylvester, so I was greatly anticipating this collection and it definitely didn't disappoint.

Taking a clever approach rather than a literal one, and interpreting the details of Marilyn's life in a unique way, Kate created a beautiful collection of timeless garments which referenced the fifties and sixties with modern touches.  Different elements of Marilyn's life such as her husbands were included, Playwright Arthur Miller referenced in button-down shirts and Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio in the baseball stitching and caps on the runway adding a masculine edge.  But Sylvester took most of her inspiration from the contrasting happiness, fragility and tragedy that accompanied the last phase of Marilyn's life.  The piece which stayed with me the most was the ethereal white dress (second to bottom) which reminded me of something Marilyn herself might have worn as a nightie, although she famously said she slept in nothing but perfume.

I adored the gorgeous silhouettes, delicate embroidery and soft colour palette of this collection, the sexy cut-out swimwear and sumptuous leather added a flirtacious edge, which added to my love for these pieces.  I also loved the slighly dishevelled hair and bold pink lip (diluted from Marilyn's signature red) making for a more real muse.  One of the things Kate Sylvester does best is make well-constructed clothes which are also really wearable and last season after season and this collection is another classic example of that.  I simply cannot wait to shop this stunning collection come July/August.

Watch the video of the collection on the runway at MBFWA here.

Images from: Lucas Dawson for Kate Sylvester and my own

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