A Modern Marilyn

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Marilyn Monroe has long been a muse for artists in every genre and interestingly enough she seems to be having a moment again in fashion right now.  Much like Kate Sylvester's new collection, this editorial is inspired by Marilyn's iconic beauty with looks that are chic and subtlely sexy.  Featuring the gorgeous Martina Dimitrova and lensed by Byron Mollinedo, this shoot is one of Fashion Gone Rogue's editorials and has definitely has put me in the mood for spring. 

Looks by the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Missoni and La Perla perfectly capture a modern version of the late fifties and early sixties looks that Marilyn wore.  I love the beautiful tones of these garments which are perfectly complemented by Martina's platinum locks and flawless porcelain skin.  The stunning natural light in these shots also has me hankering for warmer days at the beach too, I'm not sure where it was shot but it certainly looks like an amazing California day.  I'm suitably inspired to work some of this style into my own spring looks.  Wonderful job by the Fashion Gone Rogue team.

Images from: Fashion Gone Rogue

Just So Pretty x

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