Surf's Up With Stolen Girlfriends Club

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer is fortunately getting closer by the day and last week I was fortunate enough to see Stolen Girlfriends Club's preview of their high summer collection 'Rogue Wave', due in stores from November.  It's been really interesting to see the development of this label over the past few years as it's matured and this new collection has to be my most favourite yet.

Taking their cue from surf and punk cultures, Rogue Wave's signature pineapple and chequerboard prints lend themselves to chic resortwear that's young and fresh in modern silhouettes.  I love that there are some really wearable modest-length skirts and dresses in amongst the mini-lengths and the shapes are pretty flattering too.

One of the features of this collection is the clever stud details engraved with the label's name which feature on the garments, shoes and accessories.  This range really does feel like sunshine packaged into clothing and their are definitely pieces that will be making it into my wardrobe for summer like that pale blue dress (third down).  Surf's up for summer!

Images from: Stolen Girlfriends Club

Just So Pretty x

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