Spring Has Sprung At Number One Shoes

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm pretty sure that spring is the best season ever, the flowers start to bloom and everything feels fresh and clean again (that's what spring cleaning is for right?), what could be a better time for pretty new shoes?  Last week I was kindly invited to attend Number One Shoes new season launch for spring, which was a beautiful high tea presentation in a walk-in wardrobe style set up.  Now that was just as amazing as it sounds, walls and tables covered in shoes as far as the eye could see, with delectable treats on gorgeous vintage china making for perfectly timed afternoon snacks for the hungry fashion pack.

But back to the shoes, which were divided into several themes, Monochrome Mania, Colour Me Crazy, Road Trip, Urban Ethnic Fusion, Sports Couture and High Contrast, covering the perfect shoes for every mood and occasion.  This season classic black and white may be everywhere and re-interpreted into clever prints but I wanted to make a shoe rainbow from the product images of some of the shoes I would add to my wardrobe for spring.

Some of these shoes are already in stores now and some of them are arriving over the next few months but the best thing about all of them is that they're really affordable.  As much as I adore high-end fashion and have pretty expensive tastes, I think it's really important to cover options that don't cost a month's rent too and the shoes on this page range from $19.99 - $59.99 in price, what's not to love about that?







Images from: Number One Shoes


  1. Amazin colors! Who'd have thought No.1 were so chic!?

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    1. Agreed! I hadn't been to one of their events before but I was impressed. Can't get much better than chic and cheap!

  2. so pretty all are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
    keep in touch

    1. Thanks, I agree, great shoes. Will check out your blog too.


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