Celebrate Rituals With Meadowlark

Monday, November 25, 2013

Every so often a label comes along that has the ability to take you on a journey and transport you somewhere unique, leaving an indelible mark in your experience and a reminder of just how incredibly creative some teams are.  Meadowlark Jewellery are indisputably one of those amazing local labels that have mastered the art of creating really covetable pieces, whilst telling a spellbinding story that keeps you coming back for more every season.

With Rituals, their latest offering for Winter 2014, Meadowlark use the 'time-honoured symbol of eternity - the ring' as the basis for a collection which celebrates 'A sacred act of worship. A tradition preserved. A precious token given or received.'  What's not to love about a contemporary approach to love that melds history, creativity and romance into hand-crafted pieces that could be worn for a lifetime?  Although this jewellery is also designed to be worn by anyone at anytime, as the pieces can represent any moment of significance, or simply a desire for a beautiful ring (that's usually my excuse.)

Amongst the new pieces is a re-working of their stunning protea design, the original ring remains but there's also a stunning stacker ring of mini proteas which is exceptional too.  The hex design (middle finger second image below) is a true standout too, set in stunning black diamonds with the ability to have several stacker rings complementing it (a fantastic feature of Meadowlark's design aesthetic that I love), it's a truly captivating piece.

The collection looks even more appealing in this preview of the spectacular set of campaign images shot by Darren McDonald.  The first drop of this range is available at Meadowlark stockists and online here, with the rest of the collection dropping early next year, now that's definitely something to celebrate!

Images by: Darren McDonald for Meadowlark

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