Juliette Hogan's Elegant Winter

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A few months ago Juliette Hogan presented her beautiful Winter 2014 collection 'Lose Yourself' on the runway at the gracious old Hopetoun Alpha.  The collection stuck in my mind afterwards for several reasons; firstly the impeccably chic tailoring and elegance of the garments, the divine fabrics and prints of course, and the subtle sexiness of the sheer lace garments with leather trim.

I wrote at the time how clever and confident the collection was and how much I admired Juliette's new direction in the past few seasons, her designs maturing as she does.  It's an interesting time to be a thirty-something in fashion and I think this range perfectly sums up that feeling of wanting to be feminine but dress with a simplicity that is grown up and flirts with masculinity.

As you can imagine I'm rather excited to tell you that the first drops of this collection were released at Juliette Hogan stockists and online recently and I'm already working my way through my rather long wish list.  You can browse the collection online here.

Images from: Juliette Hogan

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