Ingrid Starnes' Beautiful Bletchley Park

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Since launching in late 2010, Ingrid Starnes has been a label that has fascinated me, the ladylike collections that are carefully crafted, with just a few of each piece made, capture my imagination every season.  This range for Autumn/Winter 2014, is entitled 'Bletchley Park' and is another elegant collection with mid-century English references, particularly timely at the moment as we remember the ANZACs.  In fact Bletchley Park was an actual place where mostly young women worked as code-breakers intercepting and analysing messages from the enemy during World War II.  These women were intelligent, resourceful and committed to helping the British military win the war, and as it happened there were also women in New Zealand working on the same task, my own grandmother being one of them in Wellington.

A celebration of fashion: MBFWA 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is one of my favourite weeks of the year, last week's was my sixth and despite missing some of my previous favourite labels, it was definitely an inspiring week of fashion.  It's always really hard to narrow down the shows to my favourite ten, as there are always so many contenders and this year was no exception, the only thing that makes it a little easier is that there were slightly fewer shows again this year.  As per usual I was covering the event for, you can check out my daily reports from the shows co-written with Mr Fashion Man Craig Lawson here.
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