Kate Sylvester's Two Friends

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A great story draws you into a world so vivid that you become enraptured with its characters and go on a journey that inhabits your imagination and toys with your emotions.  Fashion too has the ability to tell stories and it's no surprise that you relate more to the designers who try to take their audiences on a journey with them. Kate Sylvester is one such designer who creates detailed worlds for her collections and puts a lot of effort into bringing many carefully thought out ideas to life in a cohesive and relatable way.

Her current collection 'Two Friends', which is in stores now, is a perfect example of stylish storytelling with Sylvester starting with an iconic 1950s photograph by Irving Penn which depicts two models casually hanging out. From that beginning she created the world in which they inhabited, their lithe jazz musician boyfriends, the New York apartment they share which has bugs in the kitchen and lovebirds on the fire escape and the spirit of their friendship.  The collection captures those moments in the two friends lives in a real way with the fifties influence clear in the feminine silhouettes, fuller skirts and dainty cardigans.  Tiny bejewelled bugs make an unexpected but welcome appearance in homage to their apartment, whilst a pretty rose print features on soft t-shirting.

Being a winter collection, warmth is of great importance and you can imagine these two girls adding the cozy woollen coats in beautiful cocoon shapes over their silk sheaths to go out for a night of dancing and adventure.  Soft knits and furs also help keep out the cold, although it's the delicate lace and silk pieces that really caught my eye.  None more so than the gorgeous Birdie dress (below) with it's divine embroidery and lovely shape, it's quite simply perfection.

As you can imagine, I adore every piece in this collection and although it's been out for a while now there are still pieces that I keep thinking about as well as the ones I had to buy when it was first released.  Much like a great story, this collection really does linger in the mind and will no doubt be in my wardrobe for years to come.

You can check it out in Kate Sylvester stores/stockists or online here. 

Images from: Kate Sylvester

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