Hirschy: A Lonely Lingerie Affair

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Be still my beating heart, Lonely Hearts have just released their latest range of Lonely lingerie, entitled 'Hirschy' and it's oh so beautiful.  Their lingerie ranges have amassed a cult following in the past few seasons and it's not hard to see why.  They have such clever styles that are vintage-inspired, yet look of the moment and perfectly blur the line between lingerie and outerwear.  The garments are very much fashion pieces yet with the supportive functionality you would expect from great lingerie, although rarely does local lingerie look this unique.

This season sees a new colour palette of dusty rose, ink, teal and mulberry complement neutral tones of black and nude.  Updated versions of their popular styles now have sizes that include DD and E cups, which will no doubt please their followers.  I've been looking at these images and browsing the online store for a while now and I'm still finding it impossible to choose favourite styles from this new range.  Although I have to admit I love all the Lulu pieces in dusty rose; the velvet and lace are just gorgeous together and since they're now in one of my favourite hues, I'm definitely adding them to my must-have list.

In other exciting Lonely Hearts related news, they will be opening their first boutique in Ponsonby in late October, which I'm sure will be individual and very winsome.  In the meantime you can shop their pretty new lingerie range at The Department Store or online here.  They've also just released a complementary new loungewear range.  More about that soon.

Images from Lonely Hearts

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