Huffer's Classic Summer

Sunday, October 12, 2014

1997 is a year that I remember fondly, it was my last year at high school, and yes, I know I'm giving away my age here when I say that but it's relevant to my own fashion story.  My style had changed from the Nirvana inspired grunge of the early nineties to a more feminine but still quite simple look. I was embracing being a girl but in the minimalist way that reigned in the second half of that decade. Huffer were founded in 1997 and for this summer have returned to their birth year and created a collection that perfectly captures that time but still feels modern and definitely reminds me of styles I wore back then.

Now I know I usually post collections that are full of lace, embellishments and more often than not sweeping gowns but there is something about the sweet, simple nature of this range that really appeals to me.  Perhaps it's the fact that it has a lovely youthfulness but yet I would still feel comfortable wearing it now and I love the mostly relaxed silhouettes which would be so easy to throw on for warm summer days.

As you would expect Huffer's collection size has grown a lot since it's inception and this summer's collection is quite sizeable so these are just a few of my favourite styles.  This range has just started dropping in Huffer stockists and online now.  I think I'll be adding a few of these cute pieces to my wardrobe for summer and may or may not blast the Spice Girls when I wear them too.

Images from: Huffer

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