Spark Lab's Fashion Month

Friday, January 23, 2015

February is set to be an exciting month for New Zealand fashion with Spark Lab's Fashion Month offering a series of free events for those wanting to make a career in the fashion business or have an interest in how it works.  Following on from their successful Music Month in November last year, Spark are bringing back Spark Lab from February 3 - 27 with a great selection of successful fashion businesses from Zambesi to Juliette Hogan and many others offering their knowledge and an inside look at their brands.  

The sessions include a live photoshoot with Remix to learn how a beauty shoot works, the chance to make a custom tshirt with the Huffer team and learning the history of iconic denim brand Levis from the editors of Black magazine amongst many others.  Not to mention sessions with the designers from some top brands who will go through their upcoming winter collections and offer exclusive shopping experiences in their stores.

As part of Fashion Month Spark are also running their Spark My Potential campaign where up and coming fashion talent can apply to have their fashion dream funded by Spark and access to mentors and crowd funding as well.  That's a pretty major helping hand for someone starting out and you can read more about the project here.

I'm really excited about this whole initiative as it's a pretty amazing thing to have access to such experienced and knowledgeable professionals in this way and I definitely encourage anyone starting out or wanting to get into fashion to get along to the sessions that appeal to them and apply for Spark My Potential too.  I attended the launch for the project this week and there were a lot of industry faces who turned up to show their support which is great, NZ has so much talent the possibilities for the future are exciting. 

Check out the schedule for Spark Lab's Fashion Month here.

Images: Spark Lab

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