A Vogue Road Trip: Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating relationships in their many forms seems to be a common theme lately, so it's lovely to see Vogue honouring female friendship with their new cover of best friends (who could also pass as sisters) Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss.  In an age where a lot of celebrity friendships are documented on Instagram (including Taylor's and Karlie's) it's fascinating to hear the stories behind the photos and the interview that's online certainly makes for an interesting read.

Unsurprisingly the Vogue photoshoot by Mikael Jansson of this incredibly photogenic duo is also intriguing, with the girls re-creating a road trip they took together to Big Sur, albeit in a more glamorous style.  I love the whole sentiment of this shoot and article, it's refreshing to see female friendship being recognised as meaningful and not all about girly giggling over boys or something equally inane.  The relationship between the two young women is clearly a close one and it's interesting to hear that despite incredibly hectic schedules they still make time to be there for each other.  Far too often successful women are pegged as rivals and the media seem intent on creating divisions that in reality don't always exist.

But back to the editorial, I love the free-spirited nature of these photos, of  course the clothes are gorgeous and just a bit bohemian whilst maintaining the feminine yet fun style that both women are known for.  They look like they're having a blast in this shoot, although getting to hang out with your best friend and play dress up would be great fun as it is.  I really hope we see much more of these kind of relationships in print in the future, celebrating the kindness of friendship is a great antidote to the negativity on the news.  Nice work Vogue.


Images by Mikael Jansson for Vogue.

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