Anna Kendrick's On Pointe

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Anna Kendrick in Net-a-Porter's magazine The Edit.

It just so happens that this editorial from Net-a-porter's magazine The Edit features two of my current favourite things, one being ballet, and the other being actress Anna Kendrick.  I've recently gone back to ballet classes myself after a long absence from dancing, so it's interesting timing for me that this recent imagery has popped up right when I'm thinking about my dance wardrobe and incorporating some of it into my everyday wear.  One of the things I like best about this shoot and the current ballet-inspired trend is that the references are quite casual rather than literal, no big tutus here.  There's a softness and elegance to these looks which is exactly how I want my autumn wardrobe to be.

Unsurprisingly this ballet-inspired clothing suits Anna's tiny frame, she's also a trained dancer which I think comes across in her poise on-screen, and I was interested to learn she's been performing professionally since the age of twelve.  She definitely seems a lot more relatable than many Hollywood actresses, especially with the amusing and often self-deprecating tweets she comes up with on her @AnnaKendrick47 Twitter feed.  And yes, I realise this is turning into a bit of an 'Anna is awesome' post but it's not often that I feel quite so inspired by a celebrity editorial.  If you're inclined to read the interview I enjoyed that accompanies the photos, it's on The Edit.  Also, if you're keen to shop any of these looks on Net-a-Porter you can do so here too.  Although if the prices are a bit out of your budget don't worry, as this dance-inspired trend isn't going anywhere just yet, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this style of garments from many labels for a while.  In the meantime you'll find me tying on my pointe shoes and swanning around in soft pleats.

Images from Net-a-Porter

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