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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Deadly Ponies bags in blush and cheetah print with knotted bag charms.

Doesn't it feel like Deadly Ponies new handbags and bag charms would be right at home in the sumptuous court of Marie Antoinette?  The delicious accessorising of tarts and treats in these images certainly adds to that perception and it will come as no surprise that this season Deadly Ponies have entitled their new collection 'Pompernickel' which is indeed inspired by 18th century French luxury. Those familiar with the brand's work will know that these bags are impeccably made and finished to an exceptional standard which certainly adds to their status as highly-coveted accessories too.

This season sees the return of many familiar shapes for Deadly Ponies fans but with new colourways, my favourite being the sweet blush tone featured above.  Of course you can't go past the ink, port and classic black also on offer if your tastes are for darker hues.  The addition of cheetah print fur is also a fun addition to the range and adds a further touch of luxury.  Interestingly, they've also used lined rubber to add a modern texture and everyday wearability to the collection.  With a great variety of sizes from small clutches and wallets to over-sized totes, there is definitely something to meet your every need in handbag size.  The cute new knotted bag charms are also rather cute and Deadly Ponies do a beautiful range of silk scarves as well to add another layer of chic to your look.  

No doubt Marie Antoinette would want one of everything in this collection and I'm inclined to agree. If you're also feeling charmed by this new range you can check out the first drop of it at Deadly Ponies stockists and online here.

Images from Deadly Ponies

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