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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kate Sylvester Birdie dress from her new Tartt collection

The art of storytelling is one that lends itself surprisingly well to fashion, a good designer can set the
scene for a journey as evocative as one written with words.  Kate Sylvester is one such designer whose collections are carefully considered to tell a story through the construction of each garment and its styling.  She often and fittingly takes her inspiration from literature, one of her previous collections drew inspiration from Nancy Mitford's 'Love in a Cold Climate' and this season she has referenced Donna Tartt's 'The Secret History' and 'The Goldfinch'.  Kate's collection, simply entitled 'Tartt' interprets the classic, preppy fashion described in the novels with her signature feminine tailoring with a twist.

When I wrote my review for FashioNZ after the collection was presented at NZFW last year I was fascinated by how the passages described in the show notes came to life on the runway.  The description of a 'wisp of silk in a forest of black wool' was intelligently interpreted by the designer and the characters in Tartt's world were given life in a way that feels fresh and yet still timeless. The clothes are classic Kate Sylvester in their womanly shapes that flirt with androgyny, each garment is elegantly tailored to fit just so.  The fabrics from this range are such a delight too and it's impossible not to crush on the soft velvet, beautiful wool and luscious leather pieces.

The Kate Sylvester label celebrates its 21st birthday with this collection and it could not be a more perfect one to be released at such a significant time.  It's a huge achievement to celebrate such longevity in a business known for its fickle and unforgiving nature and no doubt there will be many more stunning collections to come from this label and it's talented designer in future too.  For now I'm trying to decide where to start on my wish-list for this collection which is available in Kate Sylvester stockists and online here from today.

Images from Kate Sylvester

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