Lonely's New Love: Talisa

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lonely Blair set in white from the new Talisa range.

I love this time of year, the sales have wound up and new season pieces are arriving everywhere, bringing with them fresh ideas, different colours and the promise of more to come.  Among the new arrivals is Lonely lingerie's latest collection entitled 'Talisa' which is a range I've been anticipating for a while.  Lonely has become one of favourite lingerie brands over the past few seasons and I've added more of their pieces to my wardrobe with every passing season as I love their beautiful, soft fabrics and comfortable fit which I also find really flattering on my shape.  

One of the other things I like about Lonely is that each new collection is a clever evolution of the previous one, no radical changes but a natural progression that is true to their aesthetic.  For Talisa, they've introduced a couple of new styles, the Amelie (below and striped) which is more sports-luxe than their previous pieces and the Ava (below with suspenders) which is very sexy and features a garter belt, which I love as I'm a big stockings fan too.  The other styles are similar to last season just in different colourways or laces, although I think the white Blair pieces (above) are my favourite of the lot for their understated prettiness but I'm really drawn to the sheer Bonnie pieces, particularly in Navy.

If you're after some new lingerie definitely check out Lonely if you haven't already, I was super excited when they expanded their size range to include a D-cup a couple of seasons ago so I could finally try this pretty brand I had been coveting for ages.  I think their look is quite unique really, it perfectly captures the vintage-inspired yet of-the-moment look that is so popular today and the fact that it's well priced and good quality has kept me coming back for more.

Talisa is available now at Lonely stockists, their gorgeous Ponsonby boutique (which is a must-visit for the amazing decor as well as the collections) and online here.

Images by Rene Vaile for Lonely

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