Alannah Hill's Romantic Autumn

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dress and accessories from Alannah Hill's Autumn 2015 collection.

There are few things more romantic than rowboats and roses, combine them with beautiful clothes and you have the perfect ingredients for a fashion love story.  For Autumn 2015 Alannah Hill has done just that, creating gorgeous campaign imagery that is guaranteed to make those of us who are fans of the pretty things in life swoon on sight.  Now this label may have been known for its slightly quirky take on feminine fashion before, but in the past few years the collections have been elegant and sophisticated while retaining the vintage-inspired aesthetic that has always been at the heart of the brand.

This new collection is called 'In love again' and it's easy to see how you could fall head over heels for these sublime pieces.  I'm especially adoring the exquisitely beaded garments in the second and third images below.  Definitely luxurious in nature, the use of faux fur, lace and heavy beading make for particularly glamorous looks in flattering silhouettes.  As much as you could wear these outfits to special occasions there are still some great daywear looks and very wearable pieces.  Being a mid-priced label, these garments are quite accessible which makes it even more tempting to buy several of these looks from head to toe.  I enjoyed seeing them come to life in the campaign film from this collection too, as these are some of the most charming fashion images I've seen this season.

You can check out this lovely new range at Alannah Hill boutiques, stockists and online.

Images from Alannah Hill

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