Carlson's New Heights

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Primrose blouse and Range skirt from Carlson's Winter 2015 collection.

Literature and fashion have gone hand in hand for a long time, authors create such vivid worlds with their words it's unsurprising that many fashion designers want to bring them to life in their own way with their collections.  Taking inspiration from Emily Bronte's classic novel 'Wuthering Heights', this season Carlson has presented a suitably moody collection titled 'The Heights', that you could imagine would look right at home on the English moors in the book.  As is designer Tanya Carlson's signature, the collection is beautifully tailored, perfectly capturing the spirit of modern femininity with an effortless wearability.

Another of Carlson's strengths is the ability to flatter the female form, creating elegant silhouettes that are timeless in their appeal.  Her fabrics are also always sublime, with soft wool, delicate lace and stunning silk showcasing the gorgeous warm hues with crisp accents that make up this collection.  I love her use of monochromatic tartan to add a wintery appeal which contrasts nicely to the pretty floral prints and sheer lace.  These pieces are sophisticated, yet subtly sexy and will definitely appeal to any woman who likes her daywear to be refined and charming.  It's easy to see how you would want to wear every garment year after year too, winter has certainly never looked so alluring.

Carlson's new collection is now available in her boutiques, stockists and online.

Images from Carlson


  1. Great profile Evelyn! I LOVE Carlson, so feminine, and like you said, so timeless - that maxi is gorgeous. Looking forward to have another look in store soon.

  2. Thanks Caitlin. Agreed, she strikes just the right balance between ladylike and playful, I'm a fan of that maxi too, stunning colour. I may see you there, I will definitely be popping into her store soon.


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