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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bridal gowns from Kelsey Genna's latest collection.

Bridal wear has undergone a fascinating shift in recent years, with more brides moving away from the traditional white strapless princess gowns of the past and embracing unique and colourful looks instead for their big day.  Kelsey Genna, a talented young New Zealand designer, specialises in offering brides beautiful gowns to express their personalities so they can wear the dress of their dreams.  Her collections combine a youthful charm with timeless elegance in fabrics and tones that are simply divine.

I remember being delighted by Kelsey's first collection upon attending her Auckland trunk show in late 2012 and I was struck by how impeccably constructed and cleverly detailed her dresses are.  After the successful debut of her maiden collection, I put some questions to Kelsey about her recently released new collection, her gown advice for brides to be and where she finds inspiration for her sublimely pretty label.

Evelyn: Congratulations on launching your second bridal collection, what was your inspiration for this new range?

Kelsey: I think this season I really followed my heart in terms of colour and fabric choices.  I wanted to push the barriers of traditional bridal wear and cater for the creative, colourful, unique bride.  A lot of my inspiration stems from travel, nature and the people I surround myself with.

Evelyn: How was your first collection received and what did you learn from having it out in the market?

Kelsey: I was so fortunate to get such a great response and so much support when I first launched my line.  It's taken two and a half years since my first collection to release my second!  I spent that time really getting to know the market and my client and figuring out where I wanted to take my label.  I think growing slowly is important.

Evelyn: You're currently touring your bridal trunk show about the USA, Canada and then to England, how did that come about?

Kelsey: Yes, my lucky dresses are doing a world tour of my stockists.  It's a great way for brides to see the full collection rather than just the edited selection boutiques would usually hold.  They should be well-travelled by the time it wraps up!

Evelyn: What has the response been like to your collections overseas?  Has it been different from New Zealand at all?

Kelsey: I definitely see trends between different countries and locations.  I think a lot of that has to do with climate and different environments, also the kind of client each of my stockists target towards.  New Zealand brides are very cool though; that have a very unique, often laid-back style.

Evelyn: What do you think are the key considerations when choosing a bridal gown?  Is there any advice you give to brides about gowns?

Kelsey: I've never been bridal shopping or to assist a friend, but I would say stick to something you feel comfortable in and is true to your style.  And don't be afraid to be bold and take risks, my favourite brides are the ones that opt to do something a little different and really embrace their personality.

Evelyn: What do you love most about being your own boss and deciding the creative direction of your label?

Kelsey: I love that I get to travel with my work.  I love that I can choose the direction I take my business in next, and how quickly or slowly I take it there.

Evelyn: Do you have a muse in mind when you design?  Is there anyone in particular you'd love to dress?

Kelsey:  A lot of my friends are muses to me.  I have the coolest friends in the world and have met the most amazing people through collaborations too.

Evelyn: What are your plans for your label and where do you see its future?

Kelsey: I'll be spending the next six months working on a new collection, as well as juggling the other facets of my job.  I'll be spending a lot of time in South East Asia which is a place rich in colour, spirit and inspiration for my work.

Kelsey Genna's latest collection is available to browse online here.

Designer Kelsey Genna in her studio

Images by Ryan Meta for Kelsey Genna

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