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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bat Your Lashes bra and knickers from For Love and Lemons Wanderlust collection

While summer may be on the cusp of fading here in New Zealand, things are slowly getting warmer elsewhere and I've been taking a brief break from looking at autumn collections in favour of some of the new spring collections overseas.  California label, For Love and Lemons, first came to my attention on Instagram for their romantic style and beautiful use of lace, as much as they make great clothes, it's their winsome lingerie that keeps me coming back to their website.

This latest lingerie range is entitled 'Wanderlust' and has an appropriate free-spirited feel, both in the garments and this stunning campaign imagery.  Model, Alena Blohm, perfectly evokes the right level of nonchalance and poses in a casually pretty way that suits the dreamy tones and sensuality of the collection.  I'm especially drawn to the delicate lace and soft fabrics, these pieces look like they would be as comfortable as they are gorgeous, which is definitely a plus when it comes to undergarments.  Although when your lingerie looks this good, why would you want to cover it up?

If you're as enchanted by this label as I am you can check out this new collection on their online store.  And yes, fortunately they ship to New Zealand and Australia.  Now I'm on the search for that perfect wooden cabin to relax in wearing these lovely garments. 

Images by Olivia Malone for For Love and Lemons

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