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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Willa and Mae chemise from their new winter 2015 collection.

It's amazing how often not being able to find something you want is the motivation for making something yourself and that's exactly how local label, Willa and Mae, was created.  Mount Maunganui sisters Emma Clark and Rana Reuther spent much of their overseas travels trying to find the perfect silk sleepwear that was well-made, beautiful and most importantly comfortable.  When they couldn't find anything that matched the look and feel they were after they set about making it themselves, despite neither of them having any previous experience in the fashion industry.  It was a bold move, but after two years of research and trialling designs they released their first range late last year and since it has found favour with other New Zealand women now they're about to release their second collection.

For winter 2015 they've gone for a gorgeous colour palette which includes rich tones of crimson and purple to complement their base tones of gold, nude and classic black and white.  The silhouettes are vintage-inspired, leaning towards the glamorous thirties style, but are ultimately timeless as these are pieces that you would wear all year round and for many seasons to come.  Since lingerie as outerwear is a trend that remains popular these garments are also designed to be seen and it's easy to see how the camisole tops especially could add a sensual touch underneath a structured jacket or paired with a pencil skirt.  The delicate lace definitely creates a very feminine aesthetic and I love how they've used gold with crimson and purple to really make those colours pop.  This sleepwear is oh so luxurious and it would be impossible not to feel elegant whilst slinking around in it, the fact that the silk and lace is sourced from France just adds to it's irresistable allure.  

Willa and Mae have come along at just the right time where there is a definite gap for beautifully made silk sleepwear in New Zealand so it will be very interesting to see how their next few seasons go but I predict they'll do very well.  Their winter collection is available now and you can check it out online.

Images from Willa and Mae

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