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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Image from RHIE 2014 - The Purgatory of Monotony.

Film was my first career love, as much as fashion has always been in my life, it was film school not fashion school I attended first and for eight years I worked in film and television, which is an era in my life I'm particularly fond of. I've always been a creative person and upon deciding to get into fashion I also wanted to keep the imagination and joy that I found with film in my fashion career too. Unsurprisingly then fashion films hold a great appeal for me and when I was researching a fashion film I was lucky enough to direct for Trelise Cooper a couple of years ago, I came across so many of them I enjoyed and now there's even more fashion films and whole festivals dedicated to them as well.

These are my current eight favourite fashion films of the short variety, although no doubt I will add more or likely create another post some other time. The production design in all of them is superb, as a former art director the aesthetics side is important to me and I really appreciate the little details that go into making a film look and feel like a unique world. I've chosen some that you may have seen as they're more well known like Vanessa Bruno's brilliant 'Lov' featuring Kate Bosworth, which is so clever and done brilliantly. Likewise Rhie's 'The Purgatory of Monotony' is really original and humorous, after all it's important for fashion to not take itself too seriously. I hope you find these films as interesting and inspiring as I do and let me know in the comments if there's fashion films you think I should see too. I'm always on the lookout for my next favourite film.

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