Peter Alexander Celebrates Super Mums

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Christie Brinkley and her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook in Peter Alexander's Mother's Day campaign.

Mother's Day is nearly here and this year much-loved sleepwear brand, Peter Alexander, are doing a special collection for it again, this time celebrating Super Mums.  The adorable campaign stars gorgeous supermodel Christie Brinkley and her beautiful daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook, plus several other Super Mums from different decades to represent generations of the maternal bond.

As well as showcasing a product it's even better if imagery can make you feel something and I have to say that these sweet images definitely made me smile and want to give my own mother a hug.  As much as we should thank our parents and family and remind them of how much they mean to us as much as we can, it's nice to be able to have a particular day set aside to celebrate mothers.

Unsurprisingly, this lovely range is filled with pieces that mothers of all ages will love and I'm particularly fond of the pretty soft plaid pyjamas in the top image, although the cute prints and winsome florals in the rest of the shots also caught my eye.  If you're in need of a present for your mother this collection is definitely worth a look and it's available in Peter Alexander stores and online now.

Images from Peter Alexander

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