That Seventies Spirit with Glassons edt. #5

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Glassons Split Sleeve Rollneck Top and Denim Skirt from their new edt. #5 collection.

Just in time for the arrival of winter, Glassons latest edt. #5 range has dropped in stores bringing with it the laidback charm of the seventies in a collection of easy to wear pieces.  Since the creation of the edt. range it's been extremely popular with key styles selling out quickly and each collection delivering good pieces with a higher end approach than the usual offerings from Glassons. With a focus on natural fabrics, including wool, silk, cotton and linen blends, this range takes classic shapes and gives them a modern twist like the deep-v of the flared dungarees which feel vintage-inspired but very much of the moment.

The campaign images for this collection were shot on location in California's Frazier Park by Darren Ankenman and they do a fantastic job of perfectly capturing the free-spirited feel of the range.  LA model Delilah has just the right nonchalant look for this collection too and you can see how well these outfits would fit in to the outdoorsy lifestyle that is so much a part of life in NZ.  My favourite pieces from this range are actually the denim ones, as I adore the denim shirt dress (second below) and denim skirt (above), although I'm also loving the flared knits and breezy cotton shirts as well.  As with all Glassons clothing, they are at accessible prices which is great and despite a recent unfounded controversy about their supply chain, they continue to have strong support from kiwi women of all ages.

Glassons edt. #5 collection is available in Glassons stores and online now.

Images from Glassons

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