Lucy McIntosh's Modern Elegance

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lucy McIntosh's Gas dress from her SS15 collections

Elegance can be tricky to describe in words, but you know it when you see it and there's no question that Lucy McIntosh has it. Her collections possess a timeless feel while maintaining a contemporary edge in silhouettes that are feminine and carefully tailored with sculptural touches. There's a definite sophistication to these pieces and an understanding that dressing should be easy with options that complement each other in several combinations.

For the upcoming spring and summer seasons, Lucy has created a mix of transeasonal pieces in amongst her looks for the warmer months, with a crisp colour palette mixing monochromatic stripes with blue plaid along with burgundy, blue, black and white. I'm particularly adoring her dramatically ruffled pieces, delicate dresses and that clever black cape. These two collections make up the perfect wardrobe in my opinion with everything from chic day wear to pretty evening outfits and it's easy to see all the possibilities you could create with just a few of these pieces in your own wardrobe.

Lucy McIntosh's Transit collection is available to pre-order online on 20th July, Motionless is next in August. Her new website launches on July 1st.

Images from Lucy McIntosh

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