Liam's Stars Are Out

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Liam's Black Tie dress from their new SS15/16 collection.

New collections are now arriving daily in stores in anticipation of spring and it's wonderful to see fresh styles, prints and colour palettes that will define the fashion of the warmer months. One of the ranges I have been most excited to shop is local label Liam's 'All Your Stars Are Out', as I really admire designer Emily Miller-Sharma's elegant and intellectual approach to design. This new collection is inspired by J.D. Salinger's quote "Keep me up till five only because all your stars are out, and for no other reason" and the euphoria and confidence that come from the nights that turn into adventures, and moments that turn into hours that you wish would never end. The idea being wherever life takes the Liam woman, fun follows her, which is an interesting premise for the collection and certainly lends itself to some beguiling fashion.

As you can imagine this is a range that is made for the wearer to have a good time in, with references to the breezy dressing of the seventies and the frivolity of the twenties and thirties as seen in the beautiful fringed pieces which feel like a modern update to the classic flapper look. This season's silhouettes mix relaxed, flowing ease with classic femininity that emphasises the waist. Several key Liam pieces are given new life this season in fresh colours such as the Black Tie dress above, which looks amazing in that gorgeous shade of coral. I find myself drawn to the delicate black lace of the Stevie dress (fourth below) and the stunning Vaudeville dress (last image), which would be wonderful occasion pieces. Although there are many beautiful dresses to choose from in this collection, not to mention the chic wide-legged culottes and lovely fluid skirts. I really can't wait for the warmer months to arrive and the opportunity to wear some of these sublime garments.

Liam's latest collection 'All Your Stars Are Out' is available at Ruby boutiques, stockists and online now.

Images by Avril Delphine Planqueel and styled by Karen Inderbitzer-Waller for Liam

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