Twenty-seven Names Celebrate The Rite of Spring

Monday, August 10, 2015

Alexandra crop top and Gabriel skirt from Twenty-seven Names 'The Rite of Spring' collection.

I didn't think it was possible to love Twenty-seven Names' collections more than I already do, but their latest range 'The Rite of Spring' inspired by Igor Stravinsky's orchestral work and ballet of the same name blew me away with its elegant beauty. The past few seasons have seen a definite maturation of style from the Wellington-based label designed by Anjali Stewart and Rachel Easting, which is natural as people age and their style shifts to reflect it. Still present is the quirky sweetness that has become their signature but more obvious are the pared-back silhouettes, longer hemlines and subtle signs that this label has definitely grown up.

One of the things I adore most about their collections is their liberal use of navy which is one of my all-time favourite colours and I find it flattering on pretty much everyone as an alternative to harsh black. The incredible navy floral silk that they've used for this range is sublime and beautifully complemented by the cotton, linen and knits that make up the collection. TSN's use of mostly natural fabrics is another reason I'm a fan of this label, those fabrics simply feel nicer to wear, generally wear better than their synthetic counterparts and look better too.

The fact that their garments are designed to be easy to wear is wonderful too, everything is tailored just right so that the clothes sit where they're supposed to and flatter without being too tight. As a life-long fan of dresses I find that their dress styles fit perfectly too, this season I'm particularly fond of the Soloist dress (seventh down) for it's flowing shape and lovely cut. Although I'm also enjoying their longer skirts, tailored blazers and slightly cropped tops. That cable knit top is a go-to in this cooler weather as it's not quite warm enough to indulge in wearing some of the lighter pieces just yet, but I can't wait until I can. I also can't wait to see what these talented women have in store for winter next year as their New Zealand Fashion Week show is just around the corner now too.

It's hard not to rave on about how gorgeous this collection is as I fell in love with it all at first sight and I'm so excited that it's finally arrived in stores now. If you're also a fan you can shop the range in Twenty-seven Names stores, stockists and online now.

Images from Twenty-seven Names

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