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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ingrid Starnes Dream Bloom Kimono dress (left) and Dream Bloom Claudette dress (right)

There is not a season that goes by that I'm not really inspired by Ingrid Starnes' winsome collections. Her carefully considered mix of vintage and contemporary styles creates an aesthetic that is demure yet modern, and she somehow creates all the pieces I want to wear each season. Her current collection 'Dreams in Bloom' which I have been meaning to write about for a while now, is another that has me overdosing on the superlatives trying to describe it. 

Drawing inspiration from the 1977 Robert Altman film '3 Women' which starred Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek as awkward and mysterious young women who trade identities while working at a bland geriatric centre in the desert, you can see both the seventies theme and the muse of the women in this collection. Ingrid also looked to the lush botanical artwork of local artist Kirsten Carlin (seen below in the lookbook images) which also helped inform the exclusive signature prints that were created for this range.   

In recent seasons, including this one, the label has worked on adding in more easy to wear (and wash) fabrics which lower the price point and make the collection more accessible. It's a smart move and can especially be seen in the likes of the dream bloom print (above and below) which is used across several garment styles in different fabrics and colourways. Although when your print is that gorgeous you would definitely want to make the most of it anyway.

One of my favourite things about this range is the light day dresses in relaxed fits, I love the drawstring waists and practical lengths that would be a breeze to wear on hot summer days. As always, I also love the delicate lace pieces too and the toffee-hued lingerie looks in the last image are definitely swoon-worthy, then there's equally alluring dress above it. As you can imagine I could easily go on and on writing about my adoration for this range, but if you also think it's charming you can check it out here, while I figure out how many of these outfits I can add to wardrobe this summer.

Images by Mara Sommer for Ingrid Starnes

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