Céline Rita's En Pointe for Summer

Sunday, November 29, 2015

 Celine Rita's Dani dress from her 'En Pointe' collection.

There are few labels that have charmed me quite like Céline Rita has over the years. Designer Céline Chapman's style has an effortless and elegant grace that appeals to me on so many levels. There's an obvious femininity about it but not in a fussy or overdone way, and I think that's the key really, Céline doesn't try to do too much. But what she does do is create beautiful yet subtle garments that are oh so easy to wear and integrate into your existing wardrobe. Although admittedly there are a good number of CR garments currently in my wardrobe and I love them all.

But back to her latest collection, that is called 'En Pointe' and is inspired by the delicately pretty world of ballet, which is a muse that is often too obviously referenced by designers. However, Céline has gone for an understated approach, there are no tutus or tulle here, instead the reference is in the shapes of the curved backs and shoestring straps that allude to a ballerina's leotard. The soft colour palette also refers to the pastel prettiness of ballet and is also perfect for weddings as this summer collection is also Céline's first bridesmaid collection, despite the fact she has custom-made bridesmaids gowns for several years now.

With increasing popularity for designer bridesmaids dresses it's a smart move on Céline's part and also allows her to add in more luxurious fabrics including the gorgeous raw silk that you can see below in some of these dresses. That said many of these pieces are quite versatile and given the casualness of summer in New Zealand it would be easy enough to pair a dress or jumpsuit from this collection with sandals for a chic daytime look. One of the things I love most about this collection is that she has focused entirely on dresses and jumpsuits which are two of my favourite things to wear and also bestsellers for Céline.

This sublime new collection is available at the Céline Rita boutique and online now.

Images by Anna Allport for Céline Rita

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