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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hailwood's show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2016. Image by James Yang.

You will most certainly have noticed that this blog has been very quiet for quite a while now and with good reason. In late 2015 I became editor of FashioNZ which means I now write about fashion every day for the site and really enjoy it. What it means for this blog is I no longer have time for writing it and the vast majority of the stories I would have written for it I now write for FashioNZ. So if you're keen to hear more from me I suggest you head there. I may return to Just So Pretty at some point but for now I want to leave it as it is for those of you who wish to browse its archive.

Thank you all for your support and visiting this blog. 

The Winsome World of Natalie Chan

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Designer and businesswoman Natalie Chan.
The sun blazes high in the sky on a blistering January day as I make my way along Auckland’s Parnell Road towards a blush pink awning which bears Natalie Chan’s name. The prettily decorated front window of the boutique is filled with a myriad of fashionably feminine delights which no doubt catch the eye of women of every age, not to mention many awestruck little girls. Natalie Chan’s flagship boutique has been on this prestigious strip since 2009 and in its current spot since 2012. Her atelier is in fact above the boutique, where she works with a small team of talented women to create beautiful millinery, ready to wear and bridal fashion for an ever growing array of clients.
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